Top 3 Best gimbal for dslr cameras in 2020

If you are a filmmaker then you have come to the right place as we are going to see Top 3 Best gimbal for DSLR camera in 2020 for your cameras especially if you are a professional in this field then you should definitely to have this with you.

Gimbal gives a very smooth and cinematic look to your videos because it is not possible with the handheld although you can achieve a good result with the handheld but not the same as a stabilizer.

In this modern world, the competition is increasing in all the fields also in film making so to be in this completion your videos need to be more professional with high quality and making the videos smooth and cinematic.

Gimbal is one of the tools which you need to have for high-quality videos. Stabilizer in these days is getting more popular even for the smartphone’s special stabilizer available in the market.

We are going to have look at the stabilizer which is used for the DSLR cameras and some of them can be used for your smartphones as well.

Before making any decision to purchase a stabilizer it is very important to understand some of the factors which will help better to decide which one is best for you as per your requirement.

best gimbal for dslr or mirrorless camera
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So let’s have look at these factors which we have to consider before buying any stabilizer for your need: –

  • Purpose: There are different types of gimbals available in the markets like some gimbals specially made for smartphones or action cameras and some specifically designed for the DSLR cameras and some of them for both smartphones and DSLR cameras so you have to first decide, what is your purpose to purchase this product? And then decides accordingly as per your requirement.
  • Battery life: This is another one of the important factors which we have to consider properly because it will decide how long you are going to shoot with the gimbal at a time. Most of the gimbals use the standard battery like lithium-ion and alkaline batteries which gives a good performance in the normal uses but if you go for the lower budget the battery life is not that much good some of them even don’t use the batteries properly.
  • Weight of the gimbal: If you are a traveler or you shoot on daily basis to the different location then this is going to be very important for you because already the DSLR camera has its own weight along with this you have to also carry gimbal at the time of shoot so the weight of the devices will be an increase, although most of the cameras are nowadays very lightweight because of the mirrorless technology still we have to consider this thing at the time of buying gimbal.
  • Balance/stabilization: Gimbal should be able to stabilize the balance of the camera properly so that there should not be any shake in the videos and take very smooth footage. This factor is kind of related to the weight of the gimbal. If the gimbal is so heavy, it will be more difficult to make balance.
  • Budget: we all know that the quality of the product is affected by the price of that if you go for the higher range the best quality with so many advanced features than the lower gimbals price but, today we have a list of best Gimbals available in the market which is budget-friendly for the professional filmmakers/videographer. we will also see the gimbal for DSLR price in India.

Best gimbal for camera in 2020.

1. Zhiyun Crane 2 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer

Product description

This is considered as a most professional stabilizer amongst the filmmakers for the Mirror less and DSLR cameras which can hold weight up to 3.2kg/7lb which is very great if the camera is so heavy you can easily handle it on the gimbal.

Zhiyun Crane 2 comes with features of the 360-degree pan, 320-degree tilt and 360-degree roll adjustments with these different modes you can be more creative by using these features accordingly.

It has Full range POV mode which allows you to 360-degree synchronous movement sin all 3 axes.

It has digital and mechanical follow focus which is integrated with the follow focus wheel and attached servo follow focus which helps you to keep your subject in focus even if your subject is moving and also gives a great result of the dolly zoom.

Zhiyun Crane 2 has an OLED display interface that helps you to see small details like control modes, battery life and connection status, etc.

The battery life of this gimbal is amazing this is the factor which makes this gimbal different from other, it has 18 hours of continuous battery life, In the emergency, you can also charge your phone with this device.


No. of axis:  3-axis |Load capacity: 3.2kg |  Rotation: 360 pan, 320-degree tilt, and 360-degree roll | Battery: 2000mAh lithium-Ion, 18 hours life Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.0 with 2.4GHz and USB Micro-B | Weight: 998g  | Dimension: 20 x 20 x 20 cm | Includes component: Gimbal Stabilizer, Tripod, Battery Charger, Li-ion Batteries, Micro to Micro USB Cable, Micro to Mini USB Cable, Micro USB Cable, User Manual, Shoulder Stripe, Carrying Case.

Pros and Cons

  • Good battery life performance
  • Amazing OLED display to see details
  • Easy to set up (user friendly)
  • Solid build quality.
  • High weight and thick (May not like by all)
  • Display sometime not visible at the time of shooting
  • Menu navigation is not user friendly

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2. DJI Ronin-S Handheld Camera Gimbal 

Product description

DJI Ronin-S is one of the popular devices in the field of gimbals for the DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This gimbal has a weight capacity of 3.6kg with a product weight of 485g which is still a good weight of a gimbal.

If we talk about its battery life so in this gimbal the battery life is about for 12 hours, the performance of the battery in this gimbal is very good.

Another feature in this is that you can control this remotely by the DJI Ronin-S app which is available in the android as well as IOS and also with the help of the app you can create a time-lapse by taking the pictures at specific intervals,

Best this in this app is that you can test the balancing of the gimbal that is whether your gimbal is perfect balancing or not so that you can get the best result out of this gimbal.

DJI Ronin-S comes with a long Manfrotto-style camera plate which makes the balancing very smooth in this gimbal. The focus performance is also excellent for this, the device uses a focus wheel, the moving subject focus also gives good results.

It is 3 axis gimbal (Pitch, Roll, and Yaw) the rotational angles in this gimbal is as follows Roll is 360-degree, Tilt is 280 degree and the pan is 360 degree with following speed 360 degrees in all the axis.

It comes with the connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0 with 2.4GHz frequency. So overall it is a perfect gimbal for the professional filmmakers who a looking for a versatile stabilizer for their DSLR or mirrorless cameras.


No. of axis:  3-axis |Load capacity: 3.6kg |  Rotation: 360 degree pan, 280 degree tilt and 360 degree roll | Battery: 2400mAh lithium-Ion, 12 hours life Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.0 with 2.4GHz and USB Type-C | Weight:  1.86 kg | Dimension: 17 x 34.5 x 44 cm | Includes component : Gimbal, Camera Mounting Plate, Focus Wheel, Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type -C), Camera Riser, Extended Grip/ Tripod, USB Cables, Accessories Box, Strap for Gimbal, Storage Case

Pros and Cons

  • Strong gimbal motors
  • Remote access by the App
  • Easy to set up (user friendly)
  • Long battery life
  • Weight of the gimbal is heavy compared to other Gimbals
  • Not budget friendly

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3. FeiyuTech G6 Plus 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal

Product description

FeiyuTech G6 Plus is also one of the market leaders in the field of stabilizers. It is very lightweight and very easy to carry especially if you are traveling.

The review of this gimbal is also very good as per the feedback given by the users. FeiyuTech G6 Plus is good for the DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Also, this is also compatible with the action camera (especially used for the Go pro cameras), smartphones, and digital cameras which is a plus point in this stabilizer compared to the other gimbals because it has anti-detachable 1/4 inch thumb screw design which makes easier to use for these devices.

The OLED display in this gimbal is has a good performance which shows camera modes, the battery life in the gimbal and working mode, helps to get a better result while shooting. FeiyuTech G6 has a 5000mAh battery which performs for approx.

12 hours continuous has 260-degree tilt, 320-degree roll, and unlimited 360° pan motion with this you can explore your creativity. This gimbal has the connectivity of WIFI with Bluetooth iOS and Android remote access to the gimbal with the help of the smartphone.

This device comes with the USB PORT for the rechargeable battery. The load capacity is approx. 0.80kg which is pretty decent to handle the load of smartphones, action cameras, and other cameras.


No. of axis:  3-axis |Load capacity: 0.80kg |  Rotation: 260-degree tilt, 320-degree roll, and unlimited 360° pan motion | Battery: 5000mAh lithium-Ion, 12 hours life Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.0 with and WIFI and USB Port | Weight:  0.68 kg | Dimension: 15 x 5.5 x 31 cm | Includes component: FeiyuTech G6 Plus Gimbal, Carrying Bag, Battery, Micro USB Cable, Action Camera Connector, Long Screw, 1/4in Camera Mount Screw, User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Compatible with smartphones, action and digital camera
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Long battery life (5000mAh)
  • Build quality is not that much good

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