Top 10 tips for photography (beginners) 2020

As a Beginner in the Field of photography, we face so many difficulties while capturing beautiful moments.

It will be very helpful if we know some of the most important photographer tips which can help you to avoid those mistakes which people are facing as a beginner photographer.

So today we are going to have a look at some of the Top 10 tips for photography (beginners) 2020.

tips for photography

1. Concentrate on the lighting

you have to first see the lighting conditions, which is from where the lighting is coming from which helps you take perfect exposure photo and you can be more creative if you understand the game of lighting.

There are some types of lighting which are natural lighting and artificial lighting. You can control the artificial lighting by yourself but in case of natural light, you have to be more concentrated on lighting.

tips for photography

With the help of lighting, you can determine different moods in photos like when you capture at the evening lighting conditions then it represents the love, romance, peace in the image and when you take pictures in bright sunlight it gives wives of the energetic and happy subject to depend on the other condition also.

So overall the lighting plays a very important role in the field of photography. you have to understand it properly this is one of the important tips photography

2. Stabilize the camera properly:

This is one of the most important points we generally ignore. You should stabilize your camera properly so that the results can be so clear without any blurriness otherwise your pictures can be a little bit blurry.

Try to use a tripod because it will give amazing otherwise if you don’t have any tripod you can also hold the camera in hand properlyor place the camera at some table, wall or something like that.

tips for photography

When the camera shakes even for seconds but the purpose is not fulfilled by the picture that we want to have from that image so next time whenever you are taking pictures makes sure you are considering this point very properly to get a better result.

So next time you should definitely consider these photography tips while capturing beautiful moments.

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3. Use the filter to get better results 

If you use the filters while taking any pictures the results can be much better than the picture filter. You can use the polarizing filters, neutral density filters, and graduated neutral density filters.

These filters will help you to control the exposure although you can also do this in post-production. It is much better to use a filter because it gives a natural quality picture.

tips for photography

The filter also helps you to change the mood in the pictures like when you are taking pictures in some lights and you want some cloudy light feeling then you can get this by using these filters before the post pro9duction which is a very good thing about this product.

Nowadays almost all the filmmakers are using these filters to be more creative and to give more cinematic look to their results. So overall a good product to control some exposure when taking pictures so trey to use this amazing product.

4. Be patient and have an idea in mind

It is important to be patient while you are taking pictures because sometimes, we become so impatient and do so many mistakes like we properly not think about the composition rules, exposure, and other things. We just click pictures again and again.

Other most important things are also that we should think in our mind that what type of pictures we want and what kind of story you want to convey to others so anyway think before to take any pictures that for what purpose you want that picture.

We all know that photography is an art itself so don’t just take pictures for the collections, take pictures which gives the true feeling that you have done something very special in the field of photography. you should consider this tip of photography.

5. Be creative in manual mode

We always recommend to photographer especially the beginner photographer that always tries to take pictures in manual mode so that you can be more creative and can understand the setting and exposure in camera properly.

Otherwise, if you are taking pictures in auto mode you will not be able to understand your camera properly and you just have to accept the default setting of the camera.

Manual mode will also help you to be a better photographer in the future because it will take time to think you which setting to use to get a p[roper picture as per your requirement although this will take some time to understand everything properly it will worth in the future.

6. Try to different angles and position

It is a common mistake that photographers do that they just go to locations and just click pictures in standing in one place. Photography is an art you can try different things like you can move the camera to up and down position or left-right, with this you can give a completely different story and look to your pictures.

For example, if you take pictures from the ground angle position of a person then that person will look in more. superior position. So again the same thing is that photography is an art you can try whatever you want to be creative, explore everything, and be different from others try every angle until you get you to picture that you want.

7. Don’t take too many pictures

This may sound a little bit wired to not take too much picture but try to understand the actual meaning of this it means that most of the time people just click so many pictures of a location or same subject without giving to much attention, the problem in this is that you will not be more creative and become lazy and at the end, you will get confused which is good or not.

So, the best is that just take only 3-4 best pictures with full concentration on those pictures even if you take 5-6 pictures it will be fine but more than that not recommended by the photographer although there is no such rule for this it will be better to focus on this.

Also it will loose your creativity to some extent because when you just take to many pictures, you are not that motivated to have good picture. so hope you will focus on this and become a better photographer.

8. Understand everything about your gear

This is one of the most important tips for the photographer that completely understands your gears. Generally, what happened people just have a little knowledge of their gear which is not advisable. Especially your camera goes too in-depth knowledge only then you will be able to take good pictures from your gear.

For example, if you are carrying a zoom lens with you so you should know zooming capacity, aperture, and other settings in the lens. According to the photographer, you should have equal knowledge as of camera and other gears

9. Take pictures in Raw file

The raw file contains more details in your picture. If you take pictures in the raw file then you will not lose data from the images at the time of post production work. If you take pictures, In raw it has more file size than the JPEG file but it will worth you to take pictures in Raw.

If you take pictures in jpeg file so it will not contains more pixels and details as compared to the raw file and when you go for the editing or when you zoom the picture you will see that the picture is loosing there pixel and not clearly visible.

It will help you more in post-production, sometimes we have to zoom or crop a picture to give a better look to pictures. So, it will be easier for you to edit pictures in good quality without more details in pictures than the JPEG file.

10. Edit your photos in good editing software

It is also one of the important parts in the photography to have a good photo editing software because something there is any problem in photo after taking pictures and you cannot take that picture again or you want to enhance the quality of photo more.

So, in that situation photo editing software helps a lot. Especially when we have adjusted exposure or when we have to do color correction. There is so many software but you can use Photoshop and Lightroom for photos editing.

If you want a full in depth knowledge on photography for the beginners you can check the book for the same

These are the top 10 tips of photography which you should consider at the time of taking pictures. Hope these tips will help you in the future and become a good photographer. we wish you a happy journey in the field of photography.

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