Top 10 Essential accessories for DSLR camera in 2020

The camera is getting popular now because everyone wants to capture the beautiful moments of their life and also for professional purposes. so it is important to have accessories for dslr camera so that you can enhance the performance and quality of the images

Whenever people go outside or for the traveling people usually carry the camera and also for the work purpose. But if you really want to enhance and support the camera to improve the quality of the pictures.

It is important to have the important accessories for DSLR camera with you which will help you to improve the quilt of the images in the camera. also, it will be helpful for the beginners to decide easily dslr accessories for beginners

accessories for dslr camera
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So today we are going to have a look at the Top 10 essential accessories for DSLR camera in 2020 that you should have.

These camera accessories will help the main camera to work more efficiently and effectively and to enhance the overall performance of the camera.

1.Tripod that will give the stability to your camera.

Tripod is now getting one of the essential parts of the photography. Tripod is very important to give the stability to the camera which will help you to get more stable images without any shakiness in the picture otherwise what happens when you take pictures without tripods you get that blurry and shaky images sometimes.

It is very useful if you want to take a time-lapse and hyper-lapse without this it will not be possible to take these effects as it needs stability at the time of the shooting. So, let’s grab a good tripod and be more creative with the help of this amazing accessory for your camera

accessories for dslr camera

It is very difficult to choose products in the market as there are many different types of products are available and the same will going to happens while choosing a tripod If you still wondering, how to choose the Best Tripod for your camera? so we have already suggested some of the best Tripod on our recent blog.

Digitek DTR 550LW Lightweight Tripod

Osaka VCT660 Camera Tripod 

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2. External Flashlight for better visibility

Lighting plays an important role in the field of photography which gives you better exposure while capturing the shots. Even though most of the camera comes with the inbuilt light but these lights are not capable of taking good pictures in low light conditions in these situations external flashlight performs very well in low light conditions.

Basically, there are mainly two types of light natural and artificial so in case you don’t have the natural lighting at this point in time, it is very important to have an external flashlight that will fulfill the requirement of the lighting to have a good exposure.

First, you have to decide for which purpose you need lighting what type of photography you are doing on the basis of which you should decide which type of flashlight you need. Again, there are different types of flashlights are available in the market so we have suggested these external flashlights for your camera which will give the best experience while taking pictures.

Digitek Electronic Flash Speedlite with 2.4G

Godox TT520 Universal Flash Speedlite

3. Filters for camera

Filters now these days are used by all the professional filmmakers and most of the photographers. This filter gives protection to the camera lens as well as it also gives a different effect to the images by controlling the lighting by the filters. There are different types of filters but mainly used filters are UV and polarize filters.

You must have a UV filter that is going to protect your lens from dust, scratch, and protection from breaking the class of the lens in case of falling camera from the hand.If we want to enhance the quality of the images, in that case, you can use polarize and another filter with your lens for the better image quality.

accessories for dslr camera

So, this investment in the UV filter will be worth it because it is going to protect your costly lens. You can check out some of the filters that we have recommended to you by analyzing the various available in the markets.

AmazonBasics 52mm UV Protection Lens Filter

AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Filter- 52 mm

4. Lens Hood to avoid unwanted lighting

We need lighting while capturing the pictures but on the other hand, we have to also avoid the unwanted lighting in our lens so that the proper balance of lighting can be maintained.

Lens hood help to cut out the unwanted lighting in the camera lens especially if you are shooting in the daylight conditions. It helps in avoiding problems of lighting like lens flaring and situation when light directly hits your lens and create that small circle of the light in the pictures.

long with this it also helps in protecting the camera lens from the dust or scratches which is a very important thing to consider for a photographer otherwise the entire pictures may be destroyed.

These are the small things to consider which may save your lots of money by saving your costly lens although the price of these lens hood is not that high as compared to the benefits that get from using this product. You can also have look at the hood that we have recommended to you from below.

Click here to check

5. External microphone

Every filmmaker or content creator knows the importance of a good microphone when you record video for your audience or for any other person. A video cannot complete without a good sound otherwise you will not be able to connect with your audience properly.

Although the cameras have an inbuilt microphone the quality is not that much good if you really go to one step further from your competitors. So, you must have a good quality external microphone to capture good quality microphones which should also be capable of reducing the background unwanted sound.

accessories for dslr camera

If you have decided to buy an external microphone and really confused which one to choose? So, we have a list of the best external microphones for the DSLR camera. you can also read that one. this is one of the important dslr camera accessory.

Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone 

Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional microphone

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6. Camera Backpack.

Camera bags are specially designed for the camera and related accessories with specified separate compartment section for the camera body, lens, chargers, memory cards, Tripod on the side of the bag, etc. so that the all the accessories get secures withing the camera bag and most of the camera bags also have the laptop compartments.

If you are having so many accessories with a camera and you frequently go outside for the shoot or you are a traveler then you must have these bags which keep all the devices securely without any harm to the camera or accessories.

It is an important accessory part of the camera which protects the other camera accessories. The bag that you are buying should be capable of handling all the camera accessories so you have to decide which one is best for you as per your need. You can also have look at our dedicated blog on the best camera bag that you can find in the market.

Yunteng® Multipurpose DSLR/SLR Camera

AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack

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7. Remote control for camera

Remote controls are a very interesting device by which you can control the other devices remotely. As all the devices now, a day have remotes to control. Now wireless remotes also available for the camera.

There are some occasions or moments where you are not able to click the pictures because you are not that close to the camera like when you have to take a group photo or your camera is placed somewhere very far away from you and you could not reach there so in that moments you can control the camera from the that remote and click the picture that you want.

These accessories are not that costly as compared to what you get from these by using in a proper manner. So, you must have this in case of any emergency situation for the safer side. You can check out these recommendations: –

Remote control for Nikon dslr camera accessories nikon

Remote control for Canon dslr camera accessories canon

8. Cleaning accessories Kit

Protecting the camera and accessories is important but we have to also consider that the cleaning is also important for all the accessories on regular basis especially for the lens glass which is the very sensitive part in whole camera

The lens can easily attract the dust and if you don’t clean it on regular basis it may destroy your images and also can harm the glass of the lens. So, purchase a good cleaning kit which includes a cleaning cloth, Air pump, and cleaner pen, and other things.

Cleaning is important for anything so why not for the camera. so, buy a good cleaning kit today if have not this. It will be worth but this product for your camera.this This is we generally ignore but it is important accessories for dslr camera.

Gizga Essentials Professional Lens Pen Cleaning

Storite 2 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit

9. Extra lens cap and batteries

It is important that you carry extra lens cap with you always in case you lost your one cap because it is very important for the protection of the camera lens from any kind of dust and scratch and lens cap. It is better to carry an extra cap than any kind of problem to the lens in case of emergency.

Also carry the additional batteries because if you want to shoot for the long our, one battery is not going to enough for the camera. so always carry 3-4 batteries with you specially if you are going to outsider for shoot.

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10. SD Card

SD card is play an important role while taking pictures for the processing and storing. You should have high quality SD card which will also effect your camera performance. You should also have extra SD cards in case you lost your one SD card in that case you can use another SD card.

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These are the Top 10 accessories for camera which we have discussed above. You should definitely have these accessories if you want a better experience and overall great performance of the camera. These dslr camera accessories will also help you to improve the quality of the images. so make sure you have these accessories of camera. these are mandatory accessories for dslr camera.

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