DSLR VS Mirrorless cameras: which one is better? (2020)

DSLR camera vs Mirrorless

If you are a photography lover or looking professional or have a completely different system around the market for a new camera, here’s the question you can’t dance around with dslr vs mirrorless cameras?

A few years ago, it was not even a question, photographers did not take it seriously with a certain level of expectations.

But mirrorless cameras are great, they attract photographers of all levels. It is not uncommon for professionals to see mirrorless cameras for commercial shoots, weddings, and studio work.

So, what about these small, fully electronic cameras that have put so much pressure on the DSLR market?

mirrorless cameras vs dslr
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We asked ourselves the same question, and after intensive research and comparison, we divided the answer into 8 parts, which clearly illustrated the most important differences between how the two types of cameras work and how they are displayed.

Although part of the technology in them is very different, it is important to remember that the basic principles that work are the same. Let’s go into it and see if mirrorless cameras are better than DSLRs.

#1. Features

It is difficult to identify a clear winner when it comes to features.

If you keep the same camera from the same class, you will get the same features. The fact that full manual control, raw shooting, and Wi-Fi are all on the table, and there is very little to separate them makes the decision even more difficult.

Nowadays there are so many features or specifications in the camera and it is sometimes very difficult to choose which one is best for you as per your requirements. If you are looking for a camera for traveling and compacts so will definitely recommend you choose a mirrorless camera rather than the DSLR cameras.

#2. Lens

Lenses are very important and it is in the hands of the DSLR system.

Canon and Nikon have a wide range of lenses for their camera bodies. The idea of ​​using a 50-year-old lens in the 2016 body without adapters is exciting for some, but the great feature of this wide selection is that you can get a good lens for all types of budget.

Since mirrorless cameras have not been around for a long time, the lens range of all major brands is actively growing. M4 / 3 owners currently have more options as both Panasonic and Olympus lenses are compatible with their cameras. But Sony and Fuji are also booming with some amazing prime lenses.

#3. Image quality

For most photographers, this is very important. No matter how big or small the camera is, image quality often determines the purchase result.

A few years ago, it was very easy to make decisions based on image quality: if you want top quality, you should get a high-end DSLR. This is history now.

Mirrorless cameras have used all types of sensor sizes that you want to use in your mirrorless camera, from the 1-inch sensor to the exotic medium format Fuji GFX50S sensor.

Image quality means great color and dynamic range, excellent sharpness, and low light performance. Two types of cameras are distributed in the market today.

#4. Video

When it comes to video shooting, the DSLR is widely recognized as the industry standard, but it got a mirrorless camera for the first party. Most professional filmmakers still use DSLRs, but again, this is changing quickly.

Mirrorless cameras are good for video for a number of reasons.They do not need an optical viewfinder to get started, so from a design standpoint, they are easy to operate.

Landmark cameras like the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7 have completely transformed the whole business and how professionals work with affordable 4K and unprecedented low light performance. Although everyone knows about the old ‘Canon 5D III’, the DSLR took a long time to test these features.

#5. Battery life

Battery plays a very important role in camera because it will decide how much time you are going to shoot with one battery so we have to also consider this factor in our mind before choosing any camera whether it is a mirrorless or DSLR camera.

Since mirrorless cameras are 100% electronic (excluding mechanical shutters), power consumption is high. DSLR batteries are also larger in size and give them a longer life. If you want to go for a mirrorless system, an extra battery is a must.

#6. Autofocus

During the development of the DSLR, many Air Force systems were implemented and completed. As a result, DSLRs use highly accurate and efficient high-speed “phase-detection” systems. They only work when framed by the viewfinder because usually the system is under the mirror and needs to be down.

Live scene auto focusing is very slow on DSLRs because they switch to a different contrast system and the mirror is very slow.

Mirrorless cameras also have a much faster hybrid Air Force system, but this is due to the lenses designed around the cameras.

It was a lost battle for a mirrorless system, however, at least this time. Pro DSLR bodies like the Nikon D5 feature crazy fast and precise AF systems that partially justify the high price tag.

#7. Fun

The simple idea of ​​fun is often overlooked when considering buying a new camera. Since the camera is so fun and easy to use, it plays a big role in the overall shooting experience and if you love someone who loves photography without adding strings, pleasure is important.

With this in mind, it depends on personal preference, but many will agree that the DSLR is even more enjoyable. The optical viewfinder has its charm and the DSLR has long been known to fix any major design flaws that could harm the user experience.

Mirrorless cameras are found there, but there is also a viewfinder at the bottom of the market, and it sometimes feels like you are using a simple compact camera.

Sure, there are other ends to this as well. A7RII’s electronic viewfinder is a gem you can see for hours. But as long as it is ideal, the user experience goes to DSLRs.

#8. Price

Now the final very important factors which may affects your decisions to which camera to choose which is your budget. There are so much variety in the camera according to which the prices are determined. If you want to get the best bang for the buck, and we do, we all do, DSLRs are still a good choice.

You will get more at a reasonably priced camera, but an entry-level mirrorless camera will give you the option to buy more and buy extra batteries.

Either way, if you are looking to buy for DSLR camera or mirrorless bodies, lenses, or related accessories, there are wonderful dealings for popular retailers.

Conclusion: DSLR vs mirrorless cameras: which one to choose?

When it comes to mirrorless DSLR image quality, there are no inherent advantages. Both systems provide stellar image quality, so do not choose on this basis alone. Similarly, when comparing dslr vs mirrorless cameras autofocus performance, the myth says that Mirrorless is inferior to its origin as a contrast-detection based system, but it is no longer so.

Preferring the best camera system, dslr vs mirrorless cameras depends on your budget, photography style, and general need. Needless to say, mirrorless cameras are really the future. Major DSLR manufacturers Canon and Nikon never touch their DSLR lines.

But they expect to invest more in full-frame and cropless mirrorless, followed by Sony. Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and others all decided to stay without a mirror, as well as a way to go. yo can have look on the following cameras.in a budget price segment

dslr vs mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras are the future so if you are the beginner who is just learning the photography then we will recommend you to go for the entry-level DSLR camera because they are very budget-friendly as compared to the mirrorless camera but if you are the professional in this field you can go for the mirrorless camera because they are very compact and gives very high-quality results although DSLR camera also preferred by the so many photographers in this situation you have to first determine what type of photography work you are going to do, for which you want the camera and choose camera accordingly.

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